Is Formula kart racing at Maine Indoor Karting safe?

Yes! MIK goes to great length to be the safest, fastest premier facility in Maine.

  • Our karts are expertly maintained and our tracks strictly managed.
  • Our karts include roll bars and seat belts.
  • We provide all drivers with state of the art safety equipment, including race suit, full face helmet and neck brace.
  • Our track marshals strictly enforce track rules and regulations.
  • While this is real racing and there are inherent risks, we minimize the possibility of injury by paying close attention to safety in our racing facilities.
  • We answer all your questions in the MIK Frequently Asked Questions

We take Your Safety SERIOUSLY

  • We don't take chances at Maine Indoor Karting with your safety and well being.
  • We don't mess around- we WILL call 911 at the first sign of an injury.
  • We want you to have expert medical attention in the event you need it- your safety and health comes first.
  • Air Quality is also important at Maine Indoor Karting. We have a highly efficient air ventilation system capable of completely exchanging the air every 10 minutes limiting carbon monoxide in the air you breathe while racing.
  • See how serious we are about safety, read our FAQs.

Is there training?

  • Before racing, every driver must attend a safety briefing 15 minutes prior to his or her first race of the day. Drivers are instructed on proper kart operation and the rules and regulations of safe racing.
  • We also offer Professional Driving Instruction, for those who want to learn to drive better and faster. Call M.I.K. for info.

What should I wear?

  • You should wear comfortable clothing when you come to race (casual pants are recommended). We provide racing suits, helmets and neck braces. Open-toe shoes are not permitted while racing.

Medical Disclaimer of Maine Indoor Karting

For safety reasons, people with the following should consult a doctor BEFORE participating in kart racing:

  • Pregnancy
  • Neck or Back problems
  • Heart condition
  • Seizures/epilepsy
  • People who should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment
  • Absolutely NO ONE under the influence will be allowed to race the karts

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